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Bach Flower Therapy

What is Bach Therapy or flower medicine?

Bach Flower Therapy is a form of energy medicine that can be used in conjunction with traditional counselling. It can be used to help ease daily stress, address mild mood concerns, calm anxious feelings and reduce frustration and anger. While Bach Remedies can help ease any negative emotional state, intense emotional distress is best assessed and treated by a mental health professional.

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Sheila Bajaj

Welcome to The Isis School of Wisdom
The Isis School of Wisdom is the brainchild of Sheila Bajaj.

The Isis School of Wisdom was conceived after 9 years of running "Awakening" which was Sheila Bajaj's initial school/studio in Koramangala. We saw Awakening giving rise to a new identity in spiritual learning.

Awakening was started to invoke transformation in people and we have come a long way in doing that.Now in times of great distress we invoke the energies of Goddess Isis to bring about learning and growth on the psychic and healing level.

Our purpose is to impart learning to those who wish to make a difference in the world. Those who see themselves as healers, psychic readers, and divination experts.



Monday, 16 July 2012


Sheila Bajaj has been a holistic healer and spiritual teacher and master for the last 15years. And has been using Tarot and Feng Shui extensively to counsel and guide several people since 2000. As India's leading exponent of Tarot science and Feng Shui, Sheila Bajaj's indepth knowledge, acquired from great masters throughout the world.
Healing has been her passion right from when she was 15, but she never intended to make it a career. After treading the paths of art, design and business, her inner voice took over and steered her to do healing as a profession. As they say, your destiny chooses you, and Sheila would like to believe that healing and tarot chose her.

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Sheila Bajaj is available for readings on appointment.

Call us between 10am -6.30pm

The Isis School of Wisdom
#313, 19th Main, 6th Block , Koramangala,
Bangalore -560095

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Phone- 9900120034

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The union of two souls. When two become one. The vow to be with each other for lifetimes. The vows taken around the sacred fire, Marriage.
What has marriage turned into from what it is idealised to be?
Why was marriage created?

I dwell in these questions each day as I grapple with clients who come by the dozens with their deep dark secrets and share their scandalous stories.
From the series of flings to a friend with fringe benefits or the mysterious father to their child. Iv heard it all.
The love triangles and quadrangles don't surprise me anymore.

My job demands me to be objective.
But I sit in the face of this social issue which is contaminating society and ask. Why is this happening.
Marriage was created for some reason, but why is it being breached?
I also have a whole lot of expat clientele and firangs from out of the country who regularly consult with me on the phone, but the extramarital relationship culture isn't as much with them. Why?
We always felt the west was spoiling our morale and didn't have a very good value system or culture.
How come our ex Marital rel stories are more scandalous than theirs.
Something to ask ourselves.

Our culture survives on the Mask theory. Pretend, wear ur mask and judge others who falter.
Everyone is cheating and no one wants to admit it.
Its bad to get divorced or leave ur spouse when the marriage is dead- because of society, but its somehow ok to cheat.
Which is why people slip. They are too afraid to face the societies remarks and family pressure and hence choose to live dual lives. There is too much at stake to be yourself or walk out of a troubled relationship.

Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage?
Where did we loose it all.
In the midst of rituals, a culture rich in values, we started pretending so much that we have now merged with the mask we wear and are frightened to live our truth.
When there is no room for truth, lies and deception is the only path to take.

Maybe the reasons we get into a marriage, must be relooked at. People marry at a certain age just because that's the right thing to do that that age, have kids coz that's what we all do.
Awareness of why we r doing it and what we want out of marriage. select a companion and friend for life with understandfing acceptance, truth, trust and compatibility is better than blindly looking at family back ground caste and religion.

Stay true to ur self and ur truth. Don't marry for the wrong reasons. And if u have, invest in the relationship to make it work. If its causing too much pain, build the courage to walk out. Don't worry about the kids who will miss out on one parent.
Atleast they get the best of both happy parents even though apart.

The most important message is to live your truth.

How Is a reading Going to help me?

Thousands of people seek advice guidance and answers from me. Sometimes the answers are crystal clear and sometimes the quest is what will take them to the next level.

When people come to me for a Tarot session, most of them come as a last resort. they have tried everything, astrology, poojas homas , vastu. 

They go from one astrologer to the other asking the same question but in vain.

Why dont they get their answers or why doesnt that remedy solve their problem. Maybe the problem wasn't in their astrology to start with.

People ask me how a reading will help them.
Will I get a remedy to my problem.
So I decided to explain the process of my reading to make a client understand my approach.
I seriously discourage people who come out of Curiosity.
A session would be a complete waste of Time and Money.

Only someone who has a health concern visits a doctor.
Similarly, a person should come for a reading only when they have a problem or are standing on cross roads.

I believe each tool or each system contributes to a percentage of the big picture.

1.Astrology, Planets contribute to 20% of a persons problem.
When i see a planetary block, i prescribe a precious stone, a temple visit, or a yantra.
Medical Astrology also gives an indepth remedy for chronic problems like , infertility, unemployment, business stagnancy, health problems, diabetes etc.

2. Earth Luck- i.e Vaastu or Feng Shui contribute to another 20% of a persons life.
I look at the floor plan of a persons house and analyse the areas of trouble. 
The space in which a person lives speaks of the problems and situations they are in.
Corrections are then suggested.
This is a generic and basic analysis of the feng shui, if one wants more details can be provided to enhance energies as well.

3. Karma- karma is a big part of our life path. lets say karma is also a 20%. But in lots of cases Karma counts for 40%.
In cases of karmic blocks, I see what kind of karma a person has, there are no magic pills to negate the effects of karma. But there are ways to slowly deal with it.
Karma release is done for clients when they are receptive and if they have gone through a process of healing their energy , body and mind.
Karmic Sankalpas are also suggested to attract good karma and negate negative karma.

4.Energy- personal energy, healthy chakras and aura. 20-40%

A persons chakras and energy is another big part to their life experiences.
If a person is at a - (minus) negative level of energy, they will attract only similar experiences.
For eg. If a person has cow dung smeared on them, they will attract only flies.

A series of cleansing and healing sessions are recommended to bring the person back to 0 and then take them to plus levels in their energy.
Its as simple,e as washing of the cow dung and having a bath after which perfume is applied.

Positive energy then attracts them to the right relationship or career path.

Crystals, runes and talismans are suggested to boost p the energies of a person. to accelerate the pace of a persons growth or vibrations. Its like adding energy boosters to the petrol.

5. Numerology and Name- This is another important aspect of a persons experiences. Some numerologists agree that this is 50% of what a person experiences. The date of Birth, the persons name has certain vibrations. Read more on Numerology to nderstand it deeper.
If a person has a malefic date of birth or name, it could take them down a path of struggle and strife.

If we see a glitch in a name or the date of birth, a name correction is suggested.

I usually look at a persons life from a holistic view. I never approach any problem only through Tarot or Feng Shui or Numerology.
All of is like a a jig saw puzzle that create the big picture.

6.Free Will- This is the most powerful aspect of all.
If one has all aspects in order but doesn't have determination , optimism and powerful choices. None of the above aspects will assist them. 
The most powerful tool god has given us , is our WILL.

Tarot can only help us see what we cant see about our present and future.
it doesnt predict the future.
it shows us the things we can do to correct the negatives, the blocks, the area that needs help and the actions one must take.
if one is confused as to which business, career or relationship is righ for them, tarot helps reason out and gives clarity for the person to then make their choices.
Its like a mirror, it helps us see what is already there.

I also say its like switching on a light in a dark room. That clarity will help us make the right decisions and choices.
In the process of giving that guidance a lot of predictions will show up. But predictions are not the goal of tarot.

Sheela Bajaj

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